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I met a young boss, he told Wu Zhicheng (sound), the Egyptian market for the production wholesale underwear of cheap plastic utensils. He hired on the pipeline for about 20 workers, staff turnover is also high - generally speaking, they will only work on getting engaged or married a few months ago at the factory. Past and set up factories in China, he found that young women go out to work in rural areas,wholesale underwear usa often out of all vaguely With family, from the desire of rural areas. Take the first step, they will go to the factory and dormitory in new social groups, their ideas began to mature in this pursuit of independence and success wishes more clear. But he said that the starting point of the Egyptian workers and Chinese workers will be different:wholesale mens underwear They did not like Chinese girls who want to escape what, where they work just to make money."
  Wu Zhicheng factory workers saved a lot of money, specifically to buy underwear for a class of goods, and then into the traditional marriage hall. Soad Abdel Hamid, 24, operated plastic press in the pipeline. She told me:. "I would have wholesale underwear suppliers to get married this year, but it looks knot is not, because I have not bought enough supplies to get married," she said, if the party can not afford things which other requirements, often have to postpone the wedding, and may even be canceled. She is not going to work after marriage, and I talked to women who has been true,wholesale womens underwear only two exceptions.
  These two exceptions can not be said opponents of traditional values. A worker named Fatma Mohammed Mahmoud, has more than 50 years old, is the only one married factory worker. She told me that over the years she wanted a divorce, but her husband refused to wholesale underwear china provide financial support to her, do not agree to end the marriage. Since 2000, Egyptian women achieved the right to take the initiative to divorce, but Fatma decided not to do so. "My family told me not to take the initiative to divorce, because in our tradition, it is believed to do well." She said, "We come from Upper Egypt, where the mens underwear wholesale idea is closed." Fatma among workers insisted on only one continue to work after marriage, she is a young woman named Esma. She had a better job, in her hometown of Suez City, a facility to inventory, her fiance was there office. Then they broke up, Esma's father forced her to leave, because as a young woman, and former fiance work in the mens wholesale underwear same place is not appropriate. "As the Egyptians, what you have to listen to what their parents say." She told me. So now, she would have to take the bus to spend four hours a day, and pay and growth potential can not be on the job than one.
  On the Egyptian workers, Wu Zhicheng conclusion plus size underwear wholesale is very simple: they lack the most basic will to escape the familiar things, and therefore unlikely to change their lives fundamentally. His views on Egypt also similar to this:. "If not the ousted Hosni Mubarak, the situation will be better than now," he said to me. I often hear Chinese business owners underwear wholesale suppliers who issued such a discussion, Westerners, they seem unscrupulous, because, according to the Western idea that all outsiders are happy to see that reform in Egypt.
  But perhaps a more sober view of the Chinese people, because they saw the Egyptian real way, not cheap wholesale underwear the way they want. During the 2011 revolution, Westerners tend to believe they witnessed the rise of a powerful social change in Egypt, Chinese people have felt the crash a vulnerable state. The Chinese entrepreneurs based on the contact with Egypt only pragmatism, but confined to the local area, wholesale plus size underwear they are a political movement, religion thoughts of this country are not interested. They rarely talk about politics and the Muslim Brotherhood, but the topic of women has often been mentioned, because this is all their activities in Egypt are far-reaching. Part of the Chinese people, such as underwear makers, cleverly found a way to underwear wholesale china profit by means of gender, and business owners who are struggling because of the industrial zone in the planning did not take into account this basic feature of Egyptian society. According to Chinese view, the fundamental problem in Egypt is not political, not religious, nor military, but families. Husbands and wives, parents cheap underwear wholesale and children, in Egypt, the Arab Spring did not change the relationship between them. Family relations are not change, talk about the revolution would be meaningless.