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  Over the past 20 years, China and the whole of Africa to establish such a link. Howard French published in 2014, "China's second continent," a book, the book, according to his estimates, about 100 million Chinese people live in the cheap sexy underwear African continent, the trade volume between China and Africa is twice the US-Africa trade. Last year, Egypt's exports to China are roughly one-tenth of China's exports to Egypt, and the trade deficit widening. Direct investment amount less - China is the twelfth largest investor in Egypt, while in Egypt, China An estimated ten thousand people. cheap sexy underwear usa Nevertheless, Egypt plays in the Middle East was a very important political role. Half of China's oil from the Middle East, business and trade between China and Europe is also more to go through the Suez Canal. In addition, universities in Egypt, about 2,000 Chinese students, mostly Muslims. Chinese government fears the influence of religious thought they sexy cheap underwear were radical, and thus thought Egypt's stability and prosperity relate their own interests
  Thus China's policy toward Egypt needs a stronger strategic and principled, not simply focus on economic pragmatism. Chinese Embassy in Cairo, the current staff has doubled, the Chinese government realize that failure of American policy in the Middle East just as China sexy underwear cheap provides the opportunity to enhance China's prestige.
  Suez Canal from the Red Sea, not far from where the communication, there is a place Ain Sukhna, China's state-owned enterprises in Tianjin TEDA Group Co., which built in China - Egypt Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, cheap underwear the theme "Cooperation for a Better World", the original desert region includes six square kilometers, is now straight and wide streets cut grid. All around are wasteland - size cities are taken into account, the latest of which was from Suez, but the zone, Tianjin Road, Chongqing Road, Shanghai Road. Workers quarters built, stacked shipping cheap sexy underwear sets containers grounds are built, bright colors in the desert can be seen far across, as the sun bathed Lego. Where there is a Chinese restaurant, a Chinese supermarket, there is a Chinese barber shop. Chinese people are often very particular about the hair, no matter where immigrants live, even if it is on the Red Sea in the desert, it will cheap underwear online certainly open a barber shop.
  This cooperation area is like a small city moved from China over the same arbitrary. This migration which flourished around the world: Earlier this year, the Chinese government announced plans to build 118 economic and trade cooperation zones in 50 countries. cheap underwear usa China encourages domestic industry "going out", one of the reasons the country is trying to solve the problem of shortage of natural resources. China - Egypt Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone for business owners to provide rent and water, electricity and other expenses, has more than 50 enterprises to cheap underwear sets enter the zone. Business owners are mostly Chinese people, most businesses are small, there are two business owners previously underwear providers. However, and I talked almost every Chinese bosses are complaining about the same thing: Can not find good workers, especially women workers are best cheap underwear excellent.
  "I just can not hire them." Xu Xin (sound) told me bluntly. He opened a mobile phone factory in the zone. He ran in the country for many years, Motorola, and later to Egypt, wanted to produce for the local market inexpensive phone. "This work buy cheap underwear online requires discipline." He said, "hundreds of components including a cell phone, a mistake, the whole product is no law. Egypt too restless man, always love wandering around, simply can not concentrate. "He wants to hire workers, but soon he found, be able to hire only unmarried women. cheap lace underwear High staff turnover: Many workers will leave once engaged or married plant. Worse, Egyptian women can not live in the dorms, because the Egyptians believed the young woman the night away from their parents is not appropriate. Women had to take the bus back and forth between the Suez City and Cooperation Zone, the workday much more than three cheap online underwear hours. As a result, he could not carry out multi-shift operation in the production line, a year later, he closed the factory.
  Others facing the same problem. I saw Wang Weiqiang (sound), he has produced in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Arab countries, wearing a white turban somewhere in eastern China, and earn money. After 10 years of business, he decided to set up cheap underwear online usa factories in Egypt. . "Egyptian cotton quality is very good," he said, "my machine is also advanced to set up factories here, I put the money more than 1 million US dollars but two years thanks to powerful, this is the labor problem - Workers . The ideology can not keep our factories have to work 24 hours a day, a group cheap underwear usa online of people is not enough to implement multi-class system in Egypt, we have to hire male, men can be very lazy here, "he went on to say:.". Now the job is male, 90% I do not, I hire girls and women. They are good people, but the problem is that they only work during the day. "He intends to introduce more high-end machinery, so short The working efficiency is maximized. "I must be crazy." He said.