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Rasha told me that a local man selling men's beautiful women underwear underwear than not China. "I can not tell them how it was." With the translation she said. "They would look at the merchandise, and then sent to a woman, that's all Egyptian men look at the goods, and cheap sexy underwear for men then vinyl Lingerie cheap they began to see a woman, and then the next . on trifling, joking "Rasha approvingly about her previous Chinese boss:" What he did when sellers do not want to, "she said," when shopping, you can feel the seller is not the idea of ??the Chinese people. think cheap sexy underwear for women of a woman's body. "
  "Underwear dialects" The most important word is arusa, is the "bride" means, Chinese traders continue to use this word, but to read became alusa. Many neighborhoods in Cairo, Chinese businessman carrying a bag of clothing and underwear, from house cheap underwear for women to house shouting "Alusa! Alusa!" In Chinese stores, the owner often as greeting potential customers. In the local view, this is quite pleasing too, and a little funny: "Pretty cool new look, new cool new cool, buy something!
  In Assiut, Kiki's parents - Linxian non- (sound) and Chen Kaimei (sound) is cheap underwear for men this small Chinese community initially Portland.not from Zhejiang Province, home, only half an acre of arable land, because of the poor, he finished he had to drop out of school in fifth grade. In the 1990s, he made small clothing business in Beijing, achieved some success. In 2001, he heard that his hometown was to go to cheap womens underwear Egypt to find wealth. Studied the map, he decided to settle in Assiut, because he thought it was the most populous city in Egypt (Luxor actually larger).
  "I knew I would become the only Chinese people here, so it would be better cheap sexy womens underwear opportunities."say something to me. He established a ma'rad in Assiut, which is an open-air market, the first sale is brought luggage with 3 kind of goods: tie, pearls and underwear. He did not consider the needs of local residents in Egypt, the core element of his concern is the size of cheap sexy mens underwear the product: "These are easy to put into the suitcase." He explained.
  Linxian non soon realized Assiut people do not like pearls, wearing robes nor tie, but they like lingerie, underwear, so he began to monopoly. Soon, his wife also came to help from China. In northern Cairo and Egypt, China manufacturing underwear and the cheap womens underwear online rapid rise of imports, Africa and finally in Assiut rented a storefront. They hired a relative and a friend, the other two stores operating in the city. Is working to establish small businesses producing underwear, they found a lot of rubbish in Assiut outside. Previously it was also noted that this phenomenon, but they first thought to cheap womens underwear usa be imported Jiangsu production lines, polyethylene, terephthalate bottles made of crushed and cleaned. women sexy underwear This line can be washed plastic bottles, drying, crushing and high temperature, and then sold as a recycled material.
  20 years ago, has just begun the rapid development of China's cheap womens underwear online usa economy, bosses prefer to hire young women, some of them because they can pay less wages, and they better control than men. But people soon discovered that in this traditionally sexist society, women were more motivated, over the years, women's social role and prestige have changed. Today, China's top social still significant gender gap men underwear sale in the board of the company, in government authority, a serious shortage of the proportion of women. But in the working class, women's economic influence is growing. Today's Chinese farmers are best underwear for women more people like her daughter is very common, but in the past, this situation is extremely rare.
  Egypt has a similar gender differences, men underwear online which can inspire women work harder than men, but the Egyptian traditional forces to secure much. In December 2013, the zone declared to double the area of ?the park, but it's hard to imagine who is going to fill this area. The current area of ??the zone, also was only occupied only sixth. At the same time, the park dead, no real Chinese industrial buy men underwear city have busy atmosphere. Park at night is silence - no night shift production of machine noise, no uniformed young workers laughter. The edge of the industrial park, sand blowing empty streets. There is a street, I counted, there are 232 street lights are not bright. Egyptian desert was full of ambitious projects, there are ancient, but sexy women underwear also modern, but eventually go astray, China - Egypt Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone is one of the most peculiar. Sahara in the Chinese industrial city perplexed Pharaoh dream shattered reason is so simple: People can not be called women out of the house.
  Late last year, Chinese people suddenly sexy women in underwear decided in the industrial park built four playgrounds. Across the international drilling materials production pipeline Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Tianjin TEDA built the dinosaur world.